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Shadyside Burger Cookoff

Monday evening the Best Burger in Shadyside was chosen for the second year.  The defending Champ – Mario’s Eastside Tavern made an attempt to repeat again this year with their Gyro Burger.   Cappy’s offered their specialty burger on a pretzel roll,...

A great time had by all!

What a wonderful time we had at the Summer Solstice Spirit Fair.  The intuitive counselors and readers were busy all day long.  Lots of customers had appointments and took advantage of the Anniversary Sale at Journeys.  In the end over 100 appointments were completed...

Summer Solstice Spirit Fair

A day of tarot, clairvoyance, palmistry and more at the former UP Restaurant across the street from Journeys.  SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 11:00 – 6:00pm  Spend an hour or spend the day.  Admission is $5.00 and all sessions are $25 for $25 minutes.  Arrive before noon and...

Look What’s New

Phantom Quartz Crystals

When we go to show to find crystals, each of us has a specific area of interest and expertise.  Mine are amethyst specimens,  Kate loves choosing gemstone book ends.  And Lori’s passion is phantom quartz crystals.  She can spend an hour just looking for the most...

Mood Bead Bracelets

With hints of rainbow color hidden inside, these mirage mood bead bracelets will bring a colorful and nostalgic feel to your wrist. What makes these beads special is that they are made with thermo-sensitive liquid crystal, meaning each changes color with fluctuating...